A New Year’s Resolution

About a year and a half ago, I created this blog with the intention of sharing my baking experiments with the outside world. Somehow I never made any progress beyond creating the blog – perhaps due in part to my scatter-brain tendencies. Anyhow, as my experiments with baking have begun to increase in frequency, I’ve decided a good 2010 resolution would be to make a greater effort to share my creations with (all of?) you. It should also be noted that my desire to make something of this blog may have been slightly influenced by the fact that I am currently reading Julie & Julia.

Sidenote: If I often mention the word creation, it may be a result of my tendencies when following recipes. While I often begin with a regular recipe, I almost always try to put a spin on whatever recipe I’m following (if I’m following one at all). I blame this to (1) my education in marketing and advertising, which has made me strive to think creatively in almost all situations, and (2) my competitive nature, knowing that I’ll never live out my dream of opening a bakery if I can’t offer something more unique than Joe the Baker.

I’m not going to set the bar very high with this blog, or at least not initially. I’m unsure of how often I’ll post new creations, but I’ll do my best to make it as often as possible. The good news is that I’ve sort of already got a head start, having taken pictures of a lot of my creations in the past few months/year. Having a stockpile of photos/creations to share should allow me to get off to a good start – I may even get in a couple posts before 2010.

And since I’m writing this on the 25th of December, Merry Christmas. Holidays are a great excuse to bake 🙂


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