Lemon Raspberry Cake

As much baking as I do, the brunt of my experience is in the cookie/bar/cupcake arena. This past week I made a cake for a wedding shower at work. I think it turned a new leaf for me. The thing I love so much about baking is the somewhat euphoric feeling I get from it, and I think cake baking/decorating takes it to another level. Of course, there is the frustration along the way if something isn’t working quite right, but that’s just part of the process 🙂

This is the only picture I have – and it’s a bad one!

I just made a basic white cake and added the zest of one lemon to the batter before baking. I got to test out my high-tech Wilton baking strips – they magically allow the cakes to rise flat while baking, thus saving you that annoying step of cutting the top of the cake to avoid that ‘hamburger’ cake look. Anyway, I used a raspberry pie filling for the middle layer and topping, and made a vanilla buttercream frosting for the sides. I think it looked better once sliced, but I only took a picture of the finished product.


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