Weekend Inspiration

I’m sure many of you can agree that when the weekend comes and mornings slow down, we have a bit more time to enjoy a nice breakfast.  Now, since summer basically here, there is no better way to enjoy pancakes than with fresh berries!  My own brother (who just months ago was amazed to discover you can make a baked potato in the microwave) was telling me the other day how he made strawberry pancakes.  I plan to prepare these myself soon – but until then, it’s blueberry pancake time!
Having spent a year in NYC, I’m always disappointed when I hear about particular restaurants or dishes that I didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy while I was there.  Today’s example: Clinton Street Baking Company’s blueberry pancakes.  I learned about these on a re-run episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay, where Bobby challenged the owners of the Clinton Street Baking Company in a blueberry pancake throwdown.  While Bobby won the competition that day, I’m pretty sure the bakery’s pancakes have to be better that Bobby’s (disclaimer:  I am not a fan of ricotta cheese).  I mean, just look at these pancakes!
Apparently what puts these over the top is the blueberry compote and maple butter served on the side.  Yep, that sounds about right to me!  The maple butter is prepared by whipping maple syrup into butter.  What an amazing idea!  If this hasn’t inspired you to cook up some fresh berry pancakes yourself, then do as I plan to do – next time you’re in NYC, visit the Clinton Street Baking Company in the lower east side of Manhattan!

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