Fun Food Friday!

TGIF!  We made it through the week and we’ve got the weekend ahead of us.  I’m also celebrating the fact that I ran 9 miles in a steady downpour this morning.  In honor of my weekend excitedness, I am sharing some Fun Friday Food. 🙂 
First, a little FFF challenge.  Can you guess what’s in these cookies?  I promise I will have a full post on these guys next weekend.  I am submitting them for a contest so I can’t share my secrets yet!  I will however assure you they are wicked good and the perfect way to end a long work week.  
How about these?  Give me your best guess for what these are!  Again, I’ll be jazzing these up and entering them into a contest.  Keep and eye out for the full details in the coming weeks. 🙂
More fun!  I was at the store last night and found this stuffConfession: it took me about 60 seconds of staring at this box in the candy aisle to figure out what the heck it is.  Once I had spent that much time staring, I decided I might as well try some. 🙂  It’s really good!  I’m sure we could all cover assorted cereals with melted chocolate ourselves, but it’s fun to find these products in stores.  I think I’ll try the cinnamon toast crunch next.
Yay for Friday!  What’s your favorite thing about Friday?

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