LBB Sweet Picks – August

Yikes, I guess I’m just too busy this summer because August snuck up on me!  As you may have noticed, I keep a page on the header of my blog called LBB Sweet Picks.  I’m in the process of revamping this page, but didn’t want to leave you hanging with no August picks!  Below are some great recipes I’ve recently discovered in blog land. 🙂

This is interesting, because I don’t like cheesecake.  But if I did like cheesecake, I’m pretty sure this one would have my name on it!  Look at that crust!  I am a sucker for graham cracker crusts.  And I am pretty much obsessed with fresh cherries this time of year.  Dawn’s blog is filled with other great desserts, too.  Here’s proof.   
 I can always count on Courtney to share tasty yet healthy healthier desserts!  Would you ever guess she used applesauce and egg whites in these cupcakes?  As if cupcakes weren’t already enough, she went ahead and filled them with cookie dough.  And topped them with more cookie dough!  I’ll be making a version of these soon. 

Let’s face it – August is essentially our last month to enjoy summer.  With that in mind, we all should probably be baking up summery treats like these bars!  As Brooke says, these cherry limeade bars scream summer.  And since I don’t have a Sonic nearby, I can’t enjoy this in beverage form.  Guess there’s only one thing for me to do!  Brooke also posts great recipes here
Have you seen any great recipes out there recently?  What were they, and where? 

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