RTCP Introduction

You might be surprised to know that between baking whoopie pies and cheesecake bites, I’m training for a marathon.  My first marathon.  Not just any marathon – the NYC Marathon.  Just like I began blogging as a way to file away my recipes, I’ve concluded that documenting my marathon preparations may make for a memorable experience.  Thus begins the Road to Central Park (RTCP).  


Eleven weeks from this very moment, I’ll be lost in a sea of runners someplace between the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and Central Park.  I have no idea how fast I’ll be running, but I’m hoping to run just slow enough so that I can stop and take some pictures along the way.  Blurry pictures could be fun too, though.



Since it’s quite likely this could be my one and only marathon, I’m going to try my best to enjoy the entire process – training, eating right, recovering correctly, etc.  So for the next eleven weeks, in addition to sharing my usual overwhelming desserts, I’m also going to share the ups and [many] downs of training for 26.2 miles.  
Want me to cover any specific topics along the way?  Let me know!

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