RTCP: I Take My Body For Granted Because…

As an everyday runner, I’ve been able get away with a lot.  But as I’ve begun preparations for my marathon, I’ve learned that the everyday runner cannot get away with typical habits when transitioning into a marathon runner.  As a marathoner-in-training, I can’t take my body for granted.  Things I can typically get away with, I no longer can.  Here are just a few things I’ve learned I take for granted since starting my strenuous training plain.
I take my body for granted as a runner because I barely ever stretch.  I used to stretch all the time when I swam.  But now that I’m a working girl, stretching is just something I don’t bother with.  I’d rather spend those ten minutes running extra or sleeping.  I am lucky I can run as much as I do on little no stretching.
I take my body for granted as a runner because my ankle is out to get me.  My sophomore year of college, I rolled my left ankle on my way to a swim meet in Pittsburgh and sprained my ankle.  I went to PT all summer that year, until my ankle had healed.  Since then, though, I’ve had a variety of issues – hamstring, hip, etc.  All in my left leg.  Coincidence?  Not in the slightest.  And now that I’m a marathoner-in-training, my left leg is really giving me a rough time.  Apparently that left ankle is determined to make me pay for what I did to it.  Too bad I’m equally determined to drag that ankle through 26.2 miles. 🙂
I take my body for granted because I eat ice cream for dinner. Okay, I only eat ice cream for dinner once a week.  But when I’m out there running 14 miles, the last thing I want is to feel a piece of cake weighing me down.  If you read the main portion of my blog regularly, you can see how this is problematic.  Since becoming a marathoner-in-training, I’ve realized the importance of fueling my body properly.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still creating cookie recipes weekly.  I’m just thinking more before I eat them.  And soon, I may even eliminate Ice Cream for Dinner Thursdays.  Yikes!
While I’ve never completed a marathon myself (and thus have to refer to myself as a marathoner-in-training), I think I can make one true statement of marathon runners.  As a marathon runner, if take your body for granted, you likely will not see the results you hope for.  You might not even make it to the finish line.  Heck, you might not even make it to the starting line.
As a runner or athlete (or person in general), what do you take for granted?  How have you dealt with this?

8 thoughts on “RTCP: I Take My Body For Granted Because…”

  1. Oh girlie I hear you on the stretching! I definitely learned my lesson when training for my half…I HAVE TO STRETCH – especially since I was dealing with some not so fun bursitis. But the 10 minutes it takes is worth it…even though I'd rather be sleeping too1

  2. I am a half-marathoner in training and I agree completely about taking my body for granted. I realized quickly the other morning that nut butter dinners are not the best fuel for a morning run. Thanks so much for this post!

  3. Cynthia – Last night I made a deal with myself that I wasn't allowed to make cookies until I stretched. That's more of a threat than showering for me!

  4. You eat ice cream for dinner too? That makes me feel better 😉

    I completely slack on my IT Band exercises for my right leg, and I definitely notice it. Its one of those things that I don't miss when I'm not doing it, but I miss it after a long run!

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