RTCP: Circle? No. Straight Line

Last Saturday, I ran 14 miles.  Afterward, I stretched for less than 5 minutes.  Then I walked around the State Fair.  For almost ten hours.  In flip-flops.  I am an idiot.  I did enjoy wine slushies though.  This might be the best part of the fair, after the poultry building. 
After steadily increasing my long runs each week, my own stupidity has forced me to take a break.  I’m having some issues with my achilles, and I know it’s because of my actions last Saturday.  It may also be because I’m an idiot and have been running on completely worn out shoes.  I figured out I had run 600 miles at the minimum on these since I got them in March.  I replaced them today (left = old shoes, right = new shoes). 

I did manage to run nearly 20 miles this week before realizing I should probably take it easy for a few days.  I tend to just workout through minor injuries, but I know that this time, I can’t do that. 

I was explaining to my sister last night how I seem to go in circles when it comes to injury.  I don’t take care of myself.  Then when an injury comes along, I start icing, stretching, etc.  As soon as I’m better, I stop again.  See the circle?  My sister said she doesn’t go in circles, but straight lines.  I think she was half kidding, but I kind of like the concept.  Last spring I got a hamstring injury running a 5k in the Lincoln Tunnel.  Back then I was just running five miles, six days a week.  This recent achilles issue came about from training for a marathon.  After a 14 mile run.  That’s not exactly a circle.  There’s growth there, you know?  Straight line. 
Speaking of circles… This donut is the size of four regular donuts! 

Anyway, I’m hoping to be back on the road in a few days.  Keep your fingers crossed.


4 thoughts on “RTCP: Circle? No. Straight Line”

  1. I think it was good you took some time off this week! Hopefully your Achilles will be back to normal soon! I tend to go in a circle too! Must try to stay on the straight line path!!

  2. I totally here you with being cyclical. I need to learn to love stretching!!! Its smart to take time off… the good news is we still have two + months so we have time : )

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