Ordinary Chocolate Chip Cookies… Or Not?

Recently I did something I very rarely do.  I made regular chocolate chip cookies.  Nothing fancy.  My mom made me do it.  Seriously. 
Don’t get me wrong.  Sometimes the simple things in life are just what you need.  Like the Toll-House chocolate chip cookie.  I actually tweak that recipe a tidbit.  But still, you see, these are just your everyday chocolate chip cookies.
The whoopie pie pan helps to make my ordinary chocolate chip cookies a little less ordinary, and a little more stackable.  Is stackable a word?
You can even put a little dollop of chocolate frosting on your cookie.  Remember cookie cups from Mrs. Fields/Original Cookie Co.?  Those things put you in a sugar coma.  These do too.
Oh, you see that plate?  I bought it last week for twenty cents in a local drugstore.  My sister and I were at the store because she wanted silly bands.  While she searched high and low for the best shapes, I made a little scene when I turned this plate over to see the clearance price tag, exclaiming “twenty cents!” to my sister.  It’s my new favorite plate. 
By now, you’re thinking this post is quite random.  And I was thinking that as well as I typed this paragraph.  Then I had an ‘ah-ha!’ moment.  A lightbulb.  Ordinary chocolate chip cookie making turned it on.  You see, there’s no need for chocolate chip cookies to be ordinary.  There are so many directions chocolate chip cookies can go.  Nutty, fruity, healthy, maybe even spicy?  Semi-sweet, dark, milk, or white chips.  You get the idea.
I’ve decided I’m going to start making chocolate chip cookies once a week.  Each week, I’ll try something different and share it with you.  Goodbye ordinary.  Hello extraordinary! 😉

I’m letting you decide the day.  Monday, Thursday, or Friday?  When do you want your weekly chocolate chip cookie fix?  
I’ll have my first ‘extraordinary’ chocolate chip cookie creation for you soon.  I’ll need your help, though.  My imagination might only take me so far.  So if you’ve got chocolate chip cookie ideas, let me know!

10 thoughts on “Ordinary Chocolate Chip Cookies… Or Not?”

  1. Yes, stackable is word (I think). Thanks for sharing! Wow, both cookies look great! I need to go out and get a whoopie pie pan. Although I originally voted for Friday night on twitter, experiencing this on a Thursday night was nice. So I'm changing my vote to Thursday. Now I can buy the ingredients Friday, bake and eat Saturday, and work it all of on Sunday. 🙂

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