RTCP: Small Victories

If you had told me I’d be thrilled to run for 30 minutes two weeks ago, I’d have said you’re nuts.  After all, I was supposed to run 18 miles this weekend (according to my training plan).  But when achilles/ankle issues present themselves, it’s the small victories that begin to matter most.
In deciding to run a marathon, it never even occurred to me that I might develop an overuse injury.  I consider myself very capable of endurance activities.  And despite occasional issues with my left ankle or hamstring, I’m generally an injury-free girl.  Lots of Googling has taught me overuse injuries are very common among marathon trainers.  
After putting running on the back burner and swimming about 18k yards this week, I decided to give it a go with runs this morning.  I laced up my newest pair of my trusted Asics running shoes and told myself I could run no longer than 30 minutes.  I had no pain or awkward feeling in my ankle!  Maybe all of my icing, foam rolling and stretching is paying off…
Once I got into the NYC marathon and decided I really wanted to enjoy the experience, I slowed my original first-marathon goal of 3:40 to to the 3:45-3:50 range.  Now though, I just want to complete the race.  I might lack the extreme competitive nature than my brother and sister possess as triathletes, but I don’t lack determination or drive.  I can’t stand the thought of not doing something I set out to do. 
Please excuse me while I jump into my first-ever waist-down ice bath.  I’ve been told to bundle up and distract myself, so I’ve got a sweatshirt on and my new Food&Wine magazine in hand!

4 thoughts on “RTCP: Small Victories”

  1. Omg you did an ice bath? I'm still a wimp- can't do it. Good job on your run! You will be fine, I have faith. After my run today, I've been limping along but I hope to be okay! We still have plenty of time for the race! And trust me, the best thing is to have a goal to finish with a smile on your face for your first marathon. Any time you run will be a PR!

  2. Glad your run was pain free!! I actually like ice baths, weird I know but it makes me feel very accomplished when I need one! Haha! And your slow is much faster than my fast! You will do great on your first marathon, I definitely think it's more about the experience, especially on the first one.

  3. Congrats on the run! You handled the situation well. I know a lot of people would try to run through it and end up doing much more damage. The important thing is your back at it and you'll do great at the marathon!

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