RTCP: Superstitions

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I somewhat intentionally haven’t written about my NYC Marathon training in two weeks.  Essentially, I was afraid to say (read: blog) that I’m making it through all my running workouts with minimal (if any) achilles issues.  I didn’t want to jinx myself.

See, I have quite the history of superstitions when it comes to sports.  When I was around middle school age, I had to drink Cool Blue Raspberry Gatorade at swim meets.  I was actually afraid something bad might happen if I drank a different flavor, or, god forbid, a non-Gatorade sports drink.  In ninth/tenth grade, I had to eat a 3 Musketeers candy bar ~15 minutes before our high school swim meets started.  Fuel of Champions, obviously.  And sometime during college – early, I believe – I had to eat a peppermint candy before a race.  I’m even superstitious as a fan, too – I have to wear my Syracuse socks on the day of an Orange basketball game.  The list goes on, but I won’t bore you.
Not only do I possess these trivial sports-related superstitions, but I’ve got some everyday superstitions as well.  They’ve gotten better over the years, but there’s one that really sticks with me – one that I’ve had for about ten years now.  Every time I go up or down a set of stairs, I have to begin with my right foot.  I know.  I’ve recently started to realize it’s okay to start a flight of stairs with the left foot, too.
This is my long-winded way of explaining I haven’t written about my marathon training because I was afraid I’d jinx myself.  I wasn’t writing about my running and everything was going okay, so I had to continue not to write.  But I’ve got two consecutive 30+ mile weeks back on my feet now, including a half marathon training run yesterday.  And I’m actually doing unheard of things like stretching, foam rolling, and icing now.  Who knew taking care of yourself could prevent injury?!
I’ve set (some) superstitions aside, though I still need to eat a Chobani the night before a long run.  I’m resuming weekly reports on my training.  Only six weeks ’til go time!
Giveaways!  Have you checked out the raffle Niki is doing?  She’s running the St. Jude Half Marathon and raising money for the St. Jude Heroes Fund in the process with a raffle.  If you donate, you’re entered to win neat prizes like compression socks.  Also, Jen has a great giveaway going on right now with the chance to win a free Brooks apparel. 

6 thoughts on “RTCP: Superstitions”

  1. I have superstitions too. Like if I ever catch a clock on 11:11 I have to blow a kiss and make a wish. It's something I did with my mom growing up and now its STUCK!

  2. This so resonates with me! Just read my current post! haha. In high school before track meets, I had to eat the SAME thing during the day! Anyway, congrats on two consecutive 30 mile weeks! I think I'm on my way back there too!

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