Five Foods I Want To Try

This week’s installment of Five Foods I Want To Try screams fall.  See, rather than composing my FFIWTT post in one sitting, it’s actually created throughout the week – as I see recipes that catch my eye, I write about them.  Clearly, my head has been in ‘fall comfort food’ mode all week.
I’ve already expressed my love for whoopie pies here, but seeing the pumpkin ones Michelle made this week made me love them even more.  I actually made my own pumpkin whoopie pies a couple months ago, but Michelle’s may trump mine due to the addition of one ingredient: maple syrup.  These may just be the quintessential fall whoopie pies.
Without fail, each and every month, the day I receive a new issue of Food Network magazine is a good day.  I love flipping through the magazine to see new and creative recipes.  After paging through this month’s issue about four times, I can officially declare that these pumpkin pie parfaits are just begging me to make them.     
What happens when you merge breakfast and lunch?  Okay, besides the obvious answer brunch…
 These pancakes happen.  Yep, that’s ham and cheese tucked away inside.  Dawn and I both share a love for foods (or meals) that are as savory as they are sweet. 
Is there really anything better than fresh doughnuts on a cold morning this time of year?  These little holes caught my eye when I was perusing Tracy’s blog the other day.  After finishing a run, I bet I could gobble up this entire bowl of doughnut holes without a struggle. 
As if this post doesn’t have enough pumpkin in it already, I had to include a little concoction Allie mixed up.  Pumpkin pie in liquid form.  Why finish a run with just water?  Or highly recommended chocolate milk?  Why not indulge (healthily) in a pumpkin pie smoothie?  This just adds to the reasons why Allie and I may be twins born three years apart.  
That’s it for this week.  I just wrapped up a 15 mile run this morning and I’m planning to reverse it with carb feasting and baking throughout the day!

4 thoughts on “Five Foods I Want To Try”

  1. I literally just drank a pumpkin pie smoothie 2 minutes ago. You will want to drink them every day I promise. I have another pumpkin concoction up my sleeve for my dinner party, though it might end up being sweet potato (haven't decided). It involves an oven–your fave.

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