RTCP: Stepping Back

After running seventeen miles last week and doing an 8.5 mile tempo run on Monday, these past few days have left me a little drained – physically and mentally.  With just three weeks until the big day, I’ve concluded that if my mind and body are saying no, I have to listen.  So I axed my long run and implemented a step back run into my plan today.  
I knew sooner or later I was going to start to burn out mentally.  It happened when I trained for the NYC Half last winter.  See, I do every single run by myself, and being fairly new to distance running, this has started to take its toll.  While part of me is saying, just three more weeks, keep going, the other part of me is saying, I need a few days to regroup
While the Achilles issues I was having six weeks ago are mainly gone, my left leg is still full of annoyances.  I refer to them as annoyances because I don’t consider them pain or soreness, just sort of an awkward tightness.  When I take my first few steps in my run, my left shin/calf feels a little tight.  When I run down hills, my left knee sometimes feels a little funky.  And, most recently, my left quad and hip are tight.  Needless to say, while my right leg is anxiously awaiting November 7th, I think my left leg is counting down the days to November 8th.  
I’m remaining optimistic, though.  I’ve already concluded that my goal for this marathon is just to finish.  As my brother said the other day, any time will be a PR!

Do you ever feel awkward tightness in your legs?  And does anyone know how to stretch your hip? 


6 thoughts on “RTCP: Stepping Back”

  1. Totally wish we could run together for some it! But yes I totally know what you mean when you say: “my left leg is still full of annoyances.” Umm, mine is TOO!

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