RTCP: Seeking Treatment

Thank gosh the NYC marathon is only two weeks away, because this whole marathon training thing is turning out to be more than I expected.  I miss the days when I ran 5-6 miles six days a week with no issues.  When I could finish a run and not have to jump into an ice bath, and when I could walk around for hours without foot pain.  For the most part, everything’s okay mentally.  But physically, well… does anyone have a left leg I can borrow?

I try as much as possible to look on the bright side of things.  I swam competitively until I was nearly twenty-two and managed to have just one injury (an ankle sprain).  My leg is struggling right now because I’m training for a marathon.  Some people have difficulty just walking in everyday activities.  Heck, some people can’t even walk.  And some people don’t even have all four limbs yet manage to do the Ironman

Sometimes I lose site of the bright side.  Earlier this week, I came close to throwing in the towel.  With just two and a half weeks until my race and increased leg discomfort, I had a bit of a pity party.  Luckily, I managed to snap out of it and convince myself I had already put in weeks of training for this, so I might as well tough it out and see what happens.  I’d rather get to November 7th and realize it’s not going to happen than quit now and wonder if I might have been able to do it. 

In deciding not to give up just yet, I also concluded it may be time to seek treatment for my hip/quad/knee discomfort.  I set aside my determination to never see a doctor while on a high-deductible insurance plan and made an appointment with a sports chiropractor.  I’m really glad I did, too.  My extremely tight muscles are now benefitting from Active Release Technique (ART) twice a week.

Oh, and remember that darn Achilles?  Turns out I’ve had scar tissue forming along it ever since my injury, which is increasing my risk of it rupturing (yikes!).  Luckily I’m now receiving treatment for that, too.  For the record, scraping at scar tissue on the Achilles is pretty painful stuff.  But if it keeps me on the road, it’s worth it. 

How do you look on the bright side when plagued by injury?  Does your body tend to get beat up when training for distance events?


3 thoughts on “RTCP: Seeking Treatment”

  1. Sorry you've been having so much pain/discomfort when you run. Sometimes I think it's tough to know when to push through and when it's serious enough to call it quits. Especially when you're marathon training — your body takes a lot of abuse!! I think you've got a great attitude, though, and I admire your conscious effort to look on the bright side. Hopefully the sessions with the chiropractor really help! Good luck with your last couple weeks of training!

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