RTCP: Taper Time

A week from today, the NYC marathon will be over.  Months of early morning running and frustrating overuse injuries will culminate on the streets of New York.  Will I finish?  I have every intention to, but you’ll have to check back here next week!
I never would have imagined the road to Central Park would have been filled with so many pot holes, and there were two definite times that I thought injury would demand me to cease training completely.  But here I am, seven days away, feeling fairly decent. 
My last “long” run of nine miles was completed yesterday.  It was actually one of the best runs I’ve had in all of my training.  I’m thanking the Gu energy gel that I took at mile five – instant energy!  Good thing it took me until my final long run of training to realize the importance of during-run fuel.  Better late than never?
Now it’s time for a good old-fashioned taper.  I actually planned to do a two-week taper, but given the injuries I had along the way, my mileage didn’t get as high as I wanted it to.  And with a base not quite as solid as I’d have liked, I knew it’d be important to crank out the miles a bit longer. 
I’ve tapered on countless occasions in my lifetime for swimming, but have never tapered for a running event.  It’s been over three years since my last swimming taper and I forgot how good it feels physically and mentally.  I also forgot what it was like to be smart about everything involving your legs.  As in, not staying at the mall as long as I want, or roaming a few less aisles at Wegmans.  It’ll be nice to not have to wake up at 5:15am five days this week to run in complete darkness.  This last one, my friends, will be thoroughly enjoyed (even if I resume that craziness in a few weeks).  
I’m off to continue my rest with this bowl of candy!  I made sure to pick out my favorites for trick-or-treaters. 🙂  And *crosses fingers* if trick-or-treaters don’t come, you can be sure to see candy-filled recipes popping up here soon! 

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