Holidays in NYC

Surprisingly, I have no recipes to share with you today as we kick off another week.  Instead, I’ll just leave you with a few photos from my weekend visit to New York City.  
I make it to the city several times a year, but a holiday trip with friends is a tradition!
When most people exit a train from Grand Central Terminal, they rush straight out to the busy city streets.  Not me!  A walk through Grand Central Market is essential.  Fresh produce, endless spices, and most importantly, amazing desserts.  I need to make a fruit tart ASAP!
My first-ever Jamba Juice Pumpkin Smash for some mid-shopping fuel.  Call me an addict!
 FYI:  if you’re in New York, do not get a pretzel from a street vendor.  Instead, head to Sigmund Pretzels.  We discovered the shop last Christmas when it had just opened, and were thrilled to discover soft, chewy pretzels.  My favorite is the cinnamon raisin, but this weekend we split an Uber Pretzel.  It’s about three times the size of a regular soft pretzel – think car steering wheel!
Evening shopping in SoHo brought us to Baked by Melissa.  If you aren’t familiar, these teeny-tiny cupcakes are some of the moistest cakes I’ve tasted in all of my NYC bakery hopping.  The December flavor of the month?  Oh you  know, just a cookie-dough stuffed chocolate cupcake topped with vanilla-chocolate frosting and a brownie bite!  
If I had to be trapped in a food store, the SoHo Dean and Deluca would be on my top 3 list.  If you aren’t familiar, this unique, gourmet food store is filled with crusty baked breads, specialty meats and cheeses, and, well… you know I can never get enough of bakery spreads. 
Here’s to hoping my city eats, shopping, and sightseeing will happily carry you and I both through the week!

5 thoughts on “Holidays in NYC”

  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Thanks for all the pictures, I liked seeing all the pretty desserts! If I go to NYC one day, I'll have to go to that cupcake shop. It looks like my kind of cupcake!

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