Mystery (Chip) Bars

So, here’s a first.  I’m not sharing a recipe with you on Chocolate Chip Thursday.  But wait – don’t leave!  Before you go drown your sorrows with a bag of chocolate chips, let me explain.  
I promise you these bars have chips in them.  (They’re white).  But that’s all I can say, because they’re part of a little mystery project.  
And yes, that’s snow in the background.  See, during the week, the sun doesn’t rise until I’m driving to work.  So like any good blogger would do, I detoured my lake-effect snow-filled commute to a park and propped these atop the foot of snow that had fallen overnight.  Note to self: use colored plates when photographing in snowbanks.
So, any guesses as to what these are?  Oh, and what’s the strangest place you’ve ever photographed your food?

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