Food Network Store: A Foodie’s Paradise

I want to to wait for you to come out of your holiday sugar coma before I share another recipe here (tomorrow), so until then, let’s talk about shopping.  See, quite often, I lose myself while shopping online for food-related items.  Don’t even try to tell me the same hasn’t happened to you before.  I don’t think you’d be here if you didn’t love food! 

My latest obsession is the Food Network Store.  I mean, seriously, an online store for the best cable television channel ever?  It’s a foodie’s paradise!  

As I perused the store the other night, I bookmarked a few items I’d love to have for the new year.  Consider them the start of my post-holiday wish list.

I eat sandwiches for dinner at least two or three times a week, and in the winter, said sandwiches are typically hot ones.  The Caribbean Square Grill Pan with Panini Press would be great for panini making, especially in my favorite color.  I may actually have been attracted to the color of the pan before the pan itself. 

The store also has a section dedicated to barware, which is where I found this Vertical Rabbit Corkscrew.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve struggled to open a bottle of wine – my sister and I actually just fought a cork out of a bottle the other night.  Maybe I’d enjoy wine more often if opening a bottle was more simple?

Have I ever told you my friend and I want to open up a bakery/pizzeria?  It’d be called La Bakeria.  Anyway, I think I could use a good-quality pizza stone like the Figue Glazed Pizza Stone to perfect pizza crust.   

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that I made my way to the bakeware section, where I stumbled upon this jumbo cookie shovel.  Sure, you could just use a spatula, but how fun would it be to grab your jumbo cookie shovel instead?
Your turn!  What’s on your post-holiday wish list?

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