What do I do with this?

Put a goal in front of me and I’ll make sure it’s accomplished.  I don’t do resolutions, but rather, goals for the year.  No fuzzy lines allowed. 

Sure, I could say I’m going to eat less ice cream this year, but I’m much more likely to adhere to eating ice cream only twice a week.  BTW, that’s just an example.  You can make that your goal, but it won’t be mine.  I’ve already had ice cream twice this week and plan to enjoy it at least five more times.

Where were we?  Ah, right.  Measurable goals.  I’m not going to list my 2011 goals for you, though you’ll likely see ‘em pop up here from time to time.  There’s one that’ll surely be making a monthly appearance on the blog, though.  One of my goals for 2011 is to try a ‘new to me’ fruit or vegetable each month.


I actually bought edamame about a month ago.  But being a carrots-and-apples girl, I let the bag scoot its way to the back of my freezer.

Fuzzy pods?  Eek.  Soy beans?  Yikes.

And let’s not talk about my pronunciation of these little green guys.  My sheltered upstate New York self can’t stop saying ed-a-mah-mee (the correction pronunciation: ed-a-mah-may).


After multiple creeped out attempts, I tried ‘em!  And… she likes it (just like Mikey). 

Now I need ideas… and recipes…


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