Janae’s Caramel Apples

Back in December, I participated in a Holiday Gift Exchange (graciously coordinated by Tina).  Upon being assigned Janae, I immediately visited her blog to discover that, like me, she’s a runner, too! 

Now, Janae isn’t just any runner.  She’s hoping to finish the Boston Marathon in *under* 3 hours this spring.  That’s right – in the amount of time it takes to bake and decorate a cake, Janae will have run 26 miles. 

Don’t worry, though.  Janae’s passion for sweets runs as deep as her running talent.  And today, I’m happy to share with you her caramel apples for this month’s candy themed Chocolate Chip Thursdays


Hello my beautiful blog friends.  First of all, I wanted to thank Liz for having me over on her blog.  She has the most amazing recipes, beautiful pictures and gorgeous blog ever.  I check it a few times a day to get my candy and baking needs fulfilled.  I have had the opportunity to try her cake balls and they are the BEST. THINGS. IN. THE. WORLD.

I decided I wanted to share my caramel apple love with you. It doesn’t get better than a crisp apple, caramel, white chocolate and candy bits all in one bite.  It isn’t really a recipe but more of an idea for a delicious treat to make at home!


First, we dipped the apples in boiling water to take off the wax on the apples so that the caramel stays on really good…the more the better.  Melt caramels just by using the directions on the back of the package.


We then melted milk chocolate chips and white chocolate chips to dip some of the apples in to have more variety.  


Okay, here is the best part.  Fill bowls of delicious toppings to cover the apples in.  We used snickers, kit kat’s, cinnamon sugar, oreo’s, reese’s and really you could use whatever candy combination that you want.  The list is endless!

Drizzle in more chocolate if you are a hardcore sugar addict like me.  


They make great gifts but make sure to eat as many of them by yourself as you can, I mean heck they count as your fruit for the day!


Um, candy and chocolate chips surrounding a caramel apple?  Well, we do need to make sure we eat enough fruits everyday… I love the way Janae thinks! 

I think I need to go buy some apples… Smile

Thank you, Janae!


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