Cake Batter Banana Frozen Yogurt


Last week, the sun shined for four days straight (note: said sun did not shine when I took these pictures).  Four days!  That’s unheard of in an upstate New York winter, which can only mean one thing – spring is on its way.  Sure, it’s blustery and snowing as I write this, but it can only last so much longer, right?! 

I think I have a case of premature spring fever.  I can usually make it until mid- to late-March before I long for warmer days, but this year, I’ve had enough.  I’m ready to go running in a t-shirt and shorts, and to rid of my ghost-like glow.

Winter food?  I’ve had enough.  In fact, from here on out, I’m going to enjoy springtime foods.  I love all of the fresh produce that comes available in early spring – asparagus, green beans, berries, and rhubarb.  My mom loves rhubarb so I always keep an extra eye out for it in the stores in the spring. 


Ice cream is one food I don’t have to transition to when the temperatures creep back up.  I enjoy the icy treats all winter long.  No blizzard or single-digit temperatures will keep me from a bowl of ice cream!  In terms of my nightly bowl of frozen bliss, the only difference between winter and spring is the flavor.  In the winter, I crave chocolate and “stuff” in my ice cream.  In the spring, I find myself enjoying fruity flavors more.  

If you’ve never witnessed the amazing transformation of a frozen banana in a food processor, it’s something you need to try as soon as possible.  In fact, you might want to stop right here and go put a banana in the freezer right now.  Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Okay.  Banana in freezer.  Once you’ve got it in the bowl of your food processor, you’ll be amazed as you start whirring away.  In no time, you’ll have soft, creamy, cold, banana soft serve.  You can stop right there and enjoy naked banana soft serve, or you can blend in some vanilla, cinnamon, or other flavor.  But if you’re looking for a *real* treat, you can add…

Cake mix!  Party smile


Bananas are rich in nutrients.  Cake mix is… well, we’ll just say the two cancel each other out and you’ve essentially eaten nothing after enjoying a bowl of this frozen creamy delight.  I believe this is the best way to rationalize foods like this.  That, and a good run. 

Cake Batter Banana Frozen Yogurt

Makes 1 serving

  • 1 large banana, frozen and cut into 1 inch pieces
  • 2 to 3 (heaping) tbsp. cake mix

In bowl of food processor, chop bananas until broken into small pieces, about 1 minute.  Blend an additional 1 to 2 minutes, until smooth.  Add cake mix and blend additional 30 to 60 seconds, until mixed well. 


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