Schwimming in Switzerland

Hello from Lyon, France and happy Friday! I’ll be honest, I can barely keep track of the day or time over here in Europe — every day has been on the move! Anyhow, I’ve been in three different countries in the past three days (Switzerland, Italy, and France), and by far, Switzerland has been the best. This might help you see why…

Top: view of Lake Geneva & the Alps from Laussane
Middle: aquatics center & park on Lake Thun (Alps in the background)
Bottom left: Olympic Museum in Laussane with the Olympic flame and Lake Geneva in the background
Bottom right: sign at the pool in Thun. I certainly appreciated being a ‘schwimmer’ at a pool with a view like that!


7 thoughts on “Schwimming in Switzerland”

  1. Where in Italy did you travel? We were there at the end of April… oh, how I long to be back there!!! We spent a week traveling through Tuscany and 5 days in Rome. Not enough time!!!!

    1. We only went to Florence and Pisa, and I didn’t even really enjoy Florence! I think I was overwhelmed by the crowds in Florence. It didn’t help that we had just come from calm and relaxing Switzerland. But so glad I got to see at least part of Italy!

  2. 3 countries in 3 days? That sounds exhausting! I studied abroad this past semester and was in 3 different countries for my spring break, but even spending 2-3 days in each country felt rushed…you must be tired! That pool looks so relaxing, though. Enjoy!

    1. Ooof, it was a lot of fun but now that I’m back home, yep — completely exhausted! Very worth it though… I’m sure I’ll be recovered in a day or two! The pool was amazing in Switzerland, probably the coolest pool I’ll ever swim in!

  3. Gah! So fun!! I want to hear more about when you decided you’re going, how long you’re gone, if your brother is traveling with you the whole time, etc. My hope is that Pete and I do a delayed honeymoon vacation in Europe and see the TdF along with other touring. Enjoy every second!

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