Candy Corn Recipes

I have sad news on this Thursday… I ran out of candy corn three days ago and, in the midst of lots of school-related things, haven’t had a chance to restock my supply. 😦  I guess you could say I’m going through candy corn withdrawal!  I know, I know, there are worse things in life…

Anywho… three days is a long time (for me) to go without candy corn in the heart of candy corn season.  I mean, we have less than two weeks until Halloween!  So, in the absence of physical candy corns, I thought I’d put together a little candy corn recipe roundup today… Enjoy!

Candy Corn and White Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies… a recent, sweet ‘n salty favorite.

Candy Corn Oreo Ice Cream … it couldn’t get simpler (or more delicious) than this!

Candy Corn Candy Bars … oooey goooey bars with chocolate, graham cracker and candy corn.

Candy Corn Macadamia Blondies … the sweet ‘n salty factor here is unreal.

Candy Corn Whipped Cream Frosting … your new favorite Halloween cupcake frosting.

Candy Corn Butter … yeah, sometimes I wonder what I’m thinking.

Candy Corn M&M Pumpkin Cookie Bars … not real candy corns, but the candy corn M&Ms (yum)!

I still have two weeks until Halloween… any last-minute candy corn recipe requests? 😉


15 thoughts on “Candy Corn Recipes”

  1. so … I saw the title of your blog this morning in my reader and clicked AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!! I am a candy corn addict! When I saw your recipe with the candy corn oreos, I went on a hunt for over a week for those darn things (they STOPPED making them!!) … and I can’t track down the candy corn M&M’s either… SO, if you could just make all of those goodies and send me a huge box of them, that would be great!!! 😀 Definitely going to get on the candy corn baking wagon this weekend… now I just have to decide which one to try…. hmmm….

    1. Aw, I can’t believe you can’t find the Oreos or the M&M’s! I just saw both at Target, have you tried there? Instead, you could just buy extra candy corn and get your fix that way 😉

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