Less than 24 hours in Savannah, GA (but enough sugar for days!)

Who wants to overdose on sugar through pictures?!  Well, you’ve come to the right place. 😉

Back in August when I made my journey from the North to the South, my mom and I stopped in Savannah, Georgia to spend the night.  Savannah has been on my bucket list for years — thanks in part to Paula Deen — so I couldn’t let us drive by the charming southern city without a stop.

We were only in Savannah for about 18 hours or so, but I made sure we ate well (well, not well, but it sure was delicious ;)).

So, without further ado — forget the city’s history and all 😉 — here are your reasons to visit Savannah, in no particular order:

River Street Sweets.  We arrived in Savannah in the late afternoon and had a couple hours to kill before our dinner reservation.

Naturally, I guided us to candy heaven. 🙂

We snacked on an original praline and a chocolate praline.  I think I preferred the original, but that’s not to say the chocolate wasn’t delicious too.

The Lady & Sons.  This is Paula Deen’s famous restaurant.

Tip: make reservations in advance so you don’t have to wait hours for dinner.

I forgot to bring my fancy camera to dinner, so my iPhone pictures are subbing here.

Here’s the thing: most people seem to order the buffet dinner.  I did.  The mac ‘n cheese was terrific, but the rest was, eh… But, my mom ordered the chicken pot pie and it was delicious.  Probably worth all 5,000 of its calories, all washed down with the most delicious biscuits and sangria.

Leopold’s Ice Cream.  Savannah in August = hot.  So we obviously had to stop for ice cream after stuffing ourselves with Paula’s classic southern dishes. 😉

Leopold’s has an old-school ice cream parlor feel, which makes it that much tastier, in my opinion. 😉  They make all of their ice cream on-site.

I ate a lemon blueberry custard that was so creamy, refreshing, and delicious (photo via my Instagram).

Back in the Day Bakery.  Oh, this bakery.

I saw Cheryl (one of the owners) on Paula Deen’s Food Network show a couple years ago, and immediately added this bakery to my “someday Savannah” list.

When I retire at the age of 30 to open a bakery, this is the kind of bakery I want to have.  Cute and casual.  Full of sugary deliciousness and whimsical, anything-goes decor.

We ate breakfast at the bakery.  Blueberry pie bar and cinnamon chip biscone (cross between a biscuit and scone!).  And cupcakes and macaroons for the road.  For the record, we power walked around Savannah for over an hour before we loaded up on sugar.  Balance, my friends… balance.

Savannah Candy Kitchen.  Because we needed more sugar before we left town, obviously.

Don’t worry, we didn’t actually devour monster sized candy apples and more pralines after breakfast.  Just picked up some candy as a souvenir for my sugar-loving dad!

We may have been in Savannah for less than 24 hours, but we surely consumed enough sugar and delicious food to last us days.  I’m excited to get back to Savannah again soon — I’m sure there are plenty more bakeries to visit!


11 thoughts on “Less than 24 hours in Savannah, GA (but enough sugar for days!)”

    1. You should definitely try to make it to Savannah someday! Probably hard for you to since you’re on the other coast, though… but you get northern California seaside towns to explore, which doesn’t seem half bad. 🙂

    1. I haven’t really seen any of Georgia outside of Savannah and highways… I would love to visit the mountains in northern GA! But yes, Savannah bakery crawl is ideal — let me know if you need someone to crawl with. 😉

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