CHOreos Oreo Cookie

There are Oreos…

And then, there are…

CHOreos. 🙂

CHOreos LBBakes

So, here’s the story behind these little bites of deliciousness.  When it comes to Oreo cookies, I’m one of five people the only person in the world who actually prefers the chocolate cookie component over the creamy filling.  I know.  Crazy stuff.

So when I had a few Oreo cookies left over after I made these crazy bars, I had a fun idea.  What if I remove the filling from the Oreo cookie, and replace it with Chobani Greek yogurt? … better yet, what if I remove the filling and replace it with CHO that has chocolate cookies mixed into it?

And thus, the CHOreo was born.  My new favorite chocolate sandwich cookie!

CHOreo Greek Yogurt Oreos


Oreo cookies without the creme filling!  Replace the filling with a thick and creamy Greek yogurt filling for a chocolatey, cheesecake like treat.

Makes 1 dozen

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: n/a

  • 2 cups Chobani vanilla Greek yogurt
  • 16 Oreo cookies

Line a small bowl or plastic container with paper towels.  Place the yogurt in the bowl and refrigerate at least six hours, or overnight (this will allow the yogurt to thicken).

Reserve four Oreo cookies.  With the remaining cookies, remove the creme filling (alternatively, you can keep the filling, and just separate the cookies into halves).

Place the remaining Oreo cookies in the bowl of a food processor; chop until crushed.  Stir the crushed cookies into the strained yogurt.  Spoon the yogurt into a small plastic (ziploc) bag; using scissors, cut a 1/4-inch opening off one corner of the bag.  Pipe the yogurt filling onto one cookie half, then top with another cookie half.

Refrigerate the cookies until serving.  For best results, serve the cookies soon after piping the yogurt onto the cookies (as the chocolate cookies will soften over time).[/print_this]


18 thoughts on “CHOreos”

    1. They really are! And the best part is you can just keep the filling in the fridge and make one as you wish… I mean, not that I would know. 😉

    1. They are SO easy, Holly! Seriously, I wish I had thought of these before the super bowl – they would’ve been awesome for it! And glad to hear you’re a fan of the cookie part of the Oreo, too… I’m not the only weirdo! 😉

  1. I can’t remember the last time I ate an Oreo. But I am definitely a cream over cookie person – when I was wee I’d eat the cream and leave the cookies in the package – much to my parent’s bewilderment.
    Your filling sounds great though!

    1. Haha — I remember watching an episode of Full House (best TV show ever) when I was younger, and there was a scene where Michelle did that — ate all of the cream filling from the Oreo cookies… so funny that you did that!

  2. WHAT!!!! omg wow. So many things. Liz, I never knew how to make greek yogurt even thicker – I can’t wait to strain it with a paper towel one time! I can’t believe you just made a simple Oreo cookie… healthier. This blows my mind! I can taste them right now… 🙂

    1. Oh yes, once you strain Greek yogurt, you enter a whole new territory of recipe possibilities with Greek yogurt – it’s crazy. Just put a couple paper towels on the bottom, load in the yogurt, and let it all happen. You can keep adding paper towels, because the longer it strains the thicker it gets.

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