Chobani: Classified!

Chobani has kindly sent their new flavors my way, without compensation. All opinions expressed are my own original thoughts…now back to my regularly scheduled CHO!

Can you keep a secret?  A super top-secret?  It’s okay, I’ve always struggled with that too. 😉

chobani classified

I was going to share my new favorite pancake recipe with you today, but then this box made its way to my apartment yesterday afternoon.

Chobani boxes = perfect Wednesday.  Chobani Classified?!  Flavor guessing?!  As you might suspect, for greek yogurt obsessed folks like myself, this is kind of a big deal.


Chobani’s got some new flavors in the works.  I received 5 different flavors to try, and there may even be more than that!  The CHO folks said the new gems will be hitting shelves at a store near you in July!  Summer just got a whole lot better.

I’ve only tried one flavor so far but I’m quite impressed.  It has a very tropical flavor… if you mix it with Chobani 2% pineapple, I’m pretty sure you’ve got the greek yogurt equivalent of a pina colada.  And no, it’s not rum greek yogurt. 😉

chobani new

I’m sure I’ll quickly be making my way through all of the other new flavors in the next few days!  Follow along on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram (links on the right) to keep up with my sampling.

Or better yet!…

Here’s where you should get really interested.  Leave a comment  on this post by Sunday (June 30th) and you’ll be eligible to receive your very own sampling of Chobani’s mystery flavors!  I’ll randomly select a winner on Monday morning.  Tell me any or all of the following:

  • Your mystery flavor guesses!  I’ve already hinted at one, but guess the others!  Think berries, stone fruit, citrus, and… creamsicles. 🙂
  • Your ideal greek yogurt flavor.  I think my dreams came true with Chobani apple-cinnamon, but I would never ever be opposed to a good 2% blended pumpkin spice.  Even if it was only available in the fall/winter.  Hint. Hint. 😉

 **This giveaway is now closed.  Thanks to all who entered!**


80 thoughts on “Chobani: Classified!”

  1. Hmm… I’m thinking maybe a coconut, an orange cream, a lemon lime or a key lime (since the key lime in the flip is so good!)… I really don’t know – they already have so many awesome flavors!! And I agree with you – the apple cinnamon really was the perfect flavor addition, but a pumpkin spice would be interesting! Or maybe a coffee!

    1. Mmm, a coffee yogurt would be amazing! Have you tried the chobani bites? They have a coffee flavor with chocolate chunks, it’s pretty awesome.

  2. Yes, I’m guessing they’ve added coconut to go with the yummy pineapple! For the stone fruit, maybe apricot–that sounds pretty tasty! I’m a fan of Chobani’s mango yogurt but I’d love to try a fig and honey combo. Thank you for the chance to win!

  3. What a fabulous package! I love Chobani. I’m guessing they’re releasing flavors that came out with the flips, key lime and coconut. The apple cinnamon is currently my favorite too.

  4. I am interested in having Chobani explore more savory flavors with less sugar. I suggest peanut butter flavor, or Kung Pao flavor… Even a mojito flavor would be great. Raita? There are so many directions to go! I would love to be a taster for them!

  5. I saw pictures from Chobani on…Facebook? Twitter? One or the other yesterday. Anyway, I think there’s a blackberry flavor in store! Stone fruit…hmm. They already have peach. Nectarine? Plum? Apricot? And maybe an orange or lime for the citrus?

  6. I just love berries, so maybe raspberry, blueberries and blackberries flavor together:), and maybe pecan pie flavor…:)
    I love almonds so maybe Chobani will create something with them too;)
    We love Mango flavor very much, my children always wants Chobani first for almost every meal:)

    1. A mixed berry CHO would be awesome. Pecan pie, yes! They should do a desserts line of yogurt. The mango flavor is one of my favorite 2%’s – so much easier to enjoy than slicing up an entire mango. 🙂

  7. Definitely thinking coconut for the one you mentioned. And I’m predicting (or maybe just hoping!) that the green lid one is key lime pie! That would be a dream.

  8. My guesses would be apricot, blackberry (which I would love), coconut. The citrus one was a bit tough since they already have orange and lemon. Maybe lime (I love the Key Lime Pie flip cup) or grapefruit. (I think grapefruit would be out there. Not sure how well grapefruit would go with yogurt though).

    I love blackberries, so if they did come up with that one, I would love it. Also there’s another brand that has an almond creme flavor that I love.

    1. You made some very, very good guesses. 🙂 And you might have something to look forward to with your wish for blackberry. 😉

  9. I would love a key lime pie chobani! Definitely, also sounds like a pina colada flavor is in the works. Yummy to all!

    1. So many people seem to love the key lime pie flip so it would only make sense they’d put it in a regular container, right? 😉

  10. I guess the piña colada hint would mean that you tried a coconut flavor, which you would love, but I would not 🙂 I’d like something that tastes like a creamsicle.

    1. I’ve already figured out which ones you will like. We’ll go buy them when I am in NY in slightly more than 2 weeks, and then we can load them up with our freshly picked blueberries. 🙂

  11. Maybe a tropical kiwi?? Or a mixture of mango, kiwi, and pineapple would be yummy too. Plum flavored would also be an exciting new flavor!

    1. Chocolate peanut butter would be amazing! I think I’m going to start rallying for a Chobani “desserts” line, and choc-pb sounds like a good contender for that. 🙂

  12. Can’t wait to try the new flavors! I ADORE chobani yogurt and recommend it to everybody who’s looking to eat healthy!

    1. Glad you seem to love Chobani as much as I do! I honestly can’t find another greek yogurt that comes close to Chobani, and I don’t just say that because they sent me yogurt – I mean it!

    1. I had to google rumchata but was instantly intrigued when I read “tastes line cinnamon toast crunch in liquid form” — seriously?! Yes, they should definitely make it into a yogurt. 🙂

  13. I hope there is a toasted coconut. Found it at a grocery outlet and haven’t been able to find it again!

    1. Would be great, right? Do you ever just mix PB into plain or vanilla yogurt? If you haven’t, try it – it’s great!

    1. I have never been a huge cheesecake fan (I know…) but I can bet a ton of people would be excited about cheesecake flavors!

  14. I love Greek yoghurt. Usually I just add my own fruit to it so I can control the amount of sweetening. But it would be fun to see what “new” flavors Chobani has come up with.

  15. I think there will be coconut and key lime for sure. I’m not sure about the others yet but I would love to try them!

    1. They make a blood orange already! You’ve got to try it, it’s great – I mix dark chocolate chips with it for a “healthy” dessert.

    1. Mmm, now all I want is an orange push-up pop. The flinstones ones, right?! Ah, childhood. Grape yogurt would be awesome!

  16. My ideal flavor would be key lime pie. Oikos has a great key lime pie flavor but I am a hard core Chobani fan so I like to stay loyal to Chobani as much as I can.

    1. I agree – I’ve never enjoyed the Oikos yogurt as much as Chobani. Some people are the opposite, though! To each his/her own. 🙂

    1. Caramel! That would be awesome. I think they have a pineapple coconut flavor in the little cups (bites). I haven’t tried it yet though…

  17. My guesses: coconut, lime/key lime, lemon-lime, orange cream

    Hopeful Flavors: definitely pumpkin-spice and a peanut butter

    1. All very good guesses! And I’m glad you are on board with my pumpkin spice flavor! Hopefully they’ll get moving on that in time for fall. 🙂

  18. I’m guessing Ginger or blackberry for the regular 6 oz. , something with coconut (besides the almond coconut flip they already have)…mint chocolate chip for a new Bite, maybe a key lime too? No idea but the anticipation is killing me I’d love to try some new flavors!!

    1. I’m really hoping for a mint chocolate bite or flip (they only sent me regular cups, not bites or flips). I would love that!

    1. Lemon meringue sounds awesome – have you ever tried the regular lemon Chobani? I don’t buy it all that often, but it’s decent.

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