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Hi!  I’m Liz, the girl typing away on this blog.  Once upon a time (circa…1986?) my family referred to “little Elizabeth” (me) as Little Bitty.  While I certainly don’t remember this, decades later, the nickname made for a fun blog name. 😉

Sometimes I think I actually enjoy preparing food more than I do eating it!  I love the creativity involved in brainstorming recipe ideas… the way spending hours in the kitchen can clear my mind… the successes, the failures… and seeing (or hearing from) people enjoy my creations!

In a make-believe world, Little Bitty Bakes would be a an actual bakery located near a white sandy beach or even the foothills of the Alps

But for now, I spend the majority of my waking hours working toward earning my doctorate.  Someday, you might be able to call me Dr. Little Bitty Bakes. 😉

In addition to my baking addiction, I love sports, both watching and participating.  I’m a die-hard Syracuse Orange fan (I bleed orange), live for march madness, and I’ve completed two marathons.  I also swam competitively for roughly eighteen years, which, among other things, means I love the Olympics.

Other near obsessions of mine include: anything turquoise, Toms shoes, the movie Home Alone, bright running apparel and shoes, yogurt (both Greek and frozen), House Hunters, Wegmans (the best grocery store on the planet), all things New York, farmer’s markets, and sunroofs.

I’m originally from the Syracuse, New York area and have lived the majority of my life in New York.  However, I currently live in Tallahassee, Florida.


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  1. Liz, what are you getting your doctorate in? Also, I am so excited to try the coconut oil sugar cookie recipe for some pretty stinkin’ cute Easter cookies my mom and I make every year!

    1. Hi Kelly, I’m studying sport management. You’ll love the coconut oil sugar cookies, and probably even more as festive Easter cookies!

  2. Hi Liz,

    I just stumbled upon your blog. Your recipes look delicious. This weekend I will attempt to create your choco-walnut cookies. Brings back a small memory..

    Please allow me to fancy you with a little story. Back in 2009, I was watching the food network one day. On this episode I was introduced to the Levain girls who were looking for a carb-loading method after their strenuous workouts and exercise. Curiously, I watched how they fashioned the ingredients to these infamous Chocolate-chip Walnut cookies they created. Quickly, I ran for a pen and listed down all the ingredients they used, whilst I guesstimated the amounts to the best of my ability. I keenly watched the flat-screen, like a kitten would to a bouncing ball of yarn ! haha. Since then, 4 yrs have passed. After I stumbled upon your blog today, I decided search out my notes from that day to do a brief comparison.

    There is one difference my dear. Cornstarch; it is not on my list, and I had recorded the ingredients on two different occasions, as the episode aired twice that month. So begs the question to follow ….May I ask, what is the purpose of the ingredient, cornstarch?

    Hope the world enjoyed my little story. As I now curl up in my warm blankets to go to bed, I shall await your response amidst your busy lives. In the meantime, good night all 🙂 and have a good sleep.


    1. Hi Polly,

      I used cornstarch in the recipe to soften the cookies. I have heard it might be a secret ingredient in lots of bakery cookies. 🙂 You should definitely include it if you make these, you can definitely tell the difference!

      And yes, I appreciate your story! I always love hearing from other cookie fans.


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