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Shares and features.  One of my greatest intentions of this blog is to share recipes with others.  If you see a recipe here that you’re interested in sharing or featuring on your own website, magazine, etc., please contact me (

As seen on…

Chobani (blog). Featured blogger. (various recipes, including passion fruit mini cho-cakes)

Duncan Hines. Blackberry Champagne Cupcakes. (finalist recipe in the cupcake challenge)

Foodbeast. Girl-Scout Cookies Get An Upgrade: Do-si-do Stuffed Cookies. (do-si-do stuffed chocolate peanut butter cookies)

Greatist. 9 Tips for a Healthier, Better Pie. (peanut butter yogurt pie)

National Peanut Board. Featured blogger. (maple spice peanut butter granola)

National Peanut Board. Satisfy Your Cravings With Little Bitty Bakes Chunky Peanut Butter Cookies. (chunky peanut butter cookies)

Parade Magazine. 10 No-Bake Desserts for Summer. (peanut butter yogurt pie)

Recipe Lion. State Fair-Style Food to Make at Home. (state fair grilled cheese)

Runner’s World. RW Daily. (marathon cookies)

The Huffington Post Canada. Candy Corn Recipes: 9 Delicious Ways to Use the Halloween Treat. (candy corn candy bars)

Wisconsin Cheese. The 2013 Grilled Cheese Academy Recipe Showdown: Tips and Tricks #3.

Yummly. 10 Chocolate Chip Studded Desserts to Indulge In. (chocolate chip cake cookies)

Yummly. 10 Pumpkin Desserts You Can’t Miss This Season! (pumpkin cookies ‘n cream cookies)


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